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Soprano 12 Pack SAVE $35 + FREE SHIPPING + teachers guide - Natural


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Light Blue
Blue with Octopus
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  • Best educational ukulele available in this price range
  • Strum and Save $35 with this classroom bundle!
  • Endorsed by music educators world-wide
  • Well-crafted tone woods produce a warm and resonant sound
  • Top quality construction and finish
  • Aquila Nylgut strings – high-quality nylon for stable tuning
  • Stays in tune longer than other Ukuleles
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Full description

Academy Soprano 12 Pack Save $35 FREE SHIPPING + Teachers Guide

Transform your classroom with a 12-pack of Octopus ukuleles, designed for strumming success. Octopus ukuleles is a leading educational brand providing high-quality beginner ukuleles. The Academy series is endorsed by music educators worldwide, fulfilling the brand philosophy that an instrument should encourage and inspire the player. This is especially important for a first instrument, which can make the difference between a lifelong passion and a passing fad gathering dust.

Explore the depths of your inner musician with the most popular instrument of the moment, and trust Octopus to deliver a high-quality instrument at a modest price point. Available in a range of exciting colors, including one with the fun Octopus graphic. The first few chords are printed on the box to get you started.

Find your new muse

Be moved to song by the approachable elegance of the Octopus Academy series. Your first few chords are printed on the box, which will get you serenading in no time!

The 12 pack

Great value for a the classroom, this 12 pack of Octopus Ukuleles comes in a fabulous range of colors.

Please note: contents vary according to availability, but always features a great mix of colours.

Size and range

The soprano (or standard) is the most widely used size of ukulele, measuring 21in (53cm) in total. It has twelve frets and a total range between C4 and A5.

Build quality

Octopus ukuleles are built to be enjoyed for a lifetime with a production process that ensures the highest quality sound and finish.

Each component has been carefully selected and constructed, delivering excellence in each instrument. A classical guitar style bridge is accurately bonded to the body for excellent sound production, tuning pegs are geared like a guitar, so they hold their pitch for longer. All side walls are fully lined for stability, sound projection and a high-quality appearance.

Octopus have even smoothed all edges and every fret for a finish surpassing that of many more expensive ukes.

Aquila Nylgut® strings

Each ukulele comes fitted with Aquila Nylgut® strings as standard, the best in the world for intonation and tone. Produced exclusively in Italy, the Aquila factory produces approximately 300,000 ukulele strings every day – that’s enough to re-string 75,000 Octopus ukuleles!

Free carry case

When not in use, your Octopus can protect itself from spills and splashes by hiding in your handy gig bag which acts as a carrying case, supplied free with every instrument.

Top Agathis
Back & Sides Agathis
Neck Okume
Fretboard Walnut
Bridge Walnut
Frets Copper nickel
Nut & Saddle ABS
Machine heads individual open geared with black plastic buttons
Body thickness 55mm
Strings Aquila
Box of 12 Yes
Colour Various, usually including: Candy apple red, Dark blue, Light blue, Natural, Pink, Puple, RDB, and UJB

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