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Octopus ukuleles


Proven Quality - Octopus Ukuleles are manufactured to the highest standards but remain decidedly affordable, making them perfect for all players and all classrooms.

ACADEMY SERIES - embraced by teachers and beginners for their quality and consistency, especially their ability to stay in tune longer than other ukuleles.  

ROSETTE SERIES - a truly stunning uke aimed at the intermediate player or adult beginner.

PREMIER SERIES (coming soon) quality features providing visual accents as well as ensuring a quality of build and sound that will impress even the most discerning of ukulele players.

NEW! - UKULELE for CHILDREN BOOK - preK-8 classroom curriculum book...YES we said prek-8!  Skillfully written to introduce ukulele at elementary levels and beyond using multi-sensory learning methods.

ACCESSORIES - Octopus uke tuners, stands and wall hangers

Classroom bundles available.    Want to customize your bundles?  Give us a call 330-745-3155. 


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