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Ukulele for Children - Instructional Books - Book A



Book A
Book B
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  • Strum your way to fun and success with an Octopus ukulele
  • Develops music literacy in young children
  • Fosters creativity while introducing music theory concepts
  • Full color and likeable characters make music fun!
  • Not just for the classroom - great for parents to teach to their children
  • Notation for both standard tuning and low fourth sting (linear) tuning
  • Wire coil binding ensuring book sits flat on the stand
  • Complimentary online resources including audio tracks
  • Two book series
  • Full description
  • Reviews
Full description

Ukulele for Children 

Written by Christina O’Brien with the help of James Hill with these goals in mind:
- develop music literacy in young children
- foster creativity while introducing music theory concepts
- make music FUN   



A well-designed introductory ukulele book that can be used in classrooms, homeschool education, music academies, or by any parent helping a child to learn at home.  This colorful, creative guide will inspire young students to understand music and enjoy music making.


                                                                                       The songs in this book were written both with standard ukulele tuning and a tuning that uses a low fourth string (linear) tuning. This alternative tuning expands the melodic range, allowing for more duet parts and introducing note positions on the treble staff that correspond with their physical placement on the instrument in a logical order that makes sense right away.  Pitch moves from low to high just like other instruments that kids are already familiar with.                         

The focus of Book A is the open strings, notes and chords that can be played on the second fret, along with simple rhythm patterns.  From the beginning you will notice the child-centered approach; through the fun characters, short songs, repetition of concepts, hands-on activities, catchy accompaniment tracks, and attractive hand-drawn illustrations.  The scope and sequence of this book follows a pace that will provide exciting challenges but not discourage the young student. 

The integration of each new concept while reinforcing already learned notes and skills allows teachers to build and differentiate their lessons to meet the needs of individual students or group settings.  The introduction of simple chord shapes and strumming allows teachers to add the extra challenge of singing and strumming once the student has mastered the melody picking.  This also fosters an environment for duet or ensemble playing and teaches the student to listen as they play.

Book B expands and builds on the skills and concepts already learned in Book A. The new repertoire in Book B includes notes and chords on the first, second, and third frets; major, minor, and blues patterns; and some common chord progressions. The likeable characters introduced in Book A are back as the child-centered approach continues with funny song lyrics, repetition of concepts, hands-on activities, and reinforcement of proper technique. Book B follows a pace that will be intriguing and engaging, build a strong musical foundation and allow opportunities for differentiation if you are using it in a group setting.

This printed hard copy is perfect for young students as the wire coil binding ensures the book will sit flat on a music stand or table.  Printed in full color and filled with likeable characters such as Mr. Hill, the ukulele master himself, by your side offering helpful suggestions.   

Additional complementary resources are available online – including music tracks that children can sing, clap, or dance with as they become familiar with the songs, additional theory sheets, composition pages and more, supporting the song or concept you are working on. 





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