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Octopus Ukulele Felt Picks - Octopus Ukulele Felt Picks (soft) Value Three Pack



Octopus Ukulele Felt Picks (soft) Value Three Pack
Octopus Ukulele Felt Picks (medium) - Value Three Pack
Octopus Ukulele Felt Picks Classroom Value Twelve Pack (mixed - 6 soft & 6 medium)
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  • Value packs of 3 or 12 felt picks
  • Custom designed for ukulele or nylon string guitar
  • Made from high quality felt
  • Rounded tip for smooth playing
  • Soft and medium gauges available
  • Classroom packs available
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Full description

Octopus Ukulele Felt Picks

Value Packs of 3 or 12

Two Gauges 1) Soft 2) Medium

These felt picks from Octopus, supplied in a convenient pack of three are a great value set designed to enhance your ukulele playing experience. Crafted from high-quality felt, they offer a delightful sound for ukulele enthusiasts of all skill levels. And with two options to choose from, soft or medium gauges, you can customise your playing style and achieve your desired tone.

Made with precision and attention to detail, the Octopus Ukulele Plectrums provide a smooth and consistent feel, allowing for effortless strumming and picking. The soft gauge option is ideal for beginners or those seeking a gentle touch, as it produces a mellow sound with reduced string contact. On the other hand, the medium gauge plectrums offer a slightly firmer feel, enabling more versatility in playing techniques and producing a brighter tone.

Not only are they excellent tools to develop a range of playing styles on the ukulele, they are also brilliant in an education setting - experiment with various strumming patterns and techniques or give your students fingers a break by developing their picking technique. For a pack suited perfectly for schools, why not try the Octopus ukulele plectrum pack of 12 for education?

Whether you're a beginner embarking on your ukulele journey or an experienced player looking to expand your sonic horizons, these plectrums are an essential addition to your collection. Elevate your playing, explore new sounds, and ignite your passion for the ukulele with the Octopus ukulele felt plectrum value pack of 3


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