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UFC Class Pack-preK-8 digital & print - FREE SHIPPING - Book A

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  • A HYBRID digital and print teaching package for the UFC preK-8 Book A
  • Fully loaded - digital license, 12 booklets, backing tracks
  • Support Items – Teacher guide, UFC group meets, exclusive resource page
  • prek-8…YES we said prek-8! Skillfully written to introduce ukulele at elementary levels and beyond
  • Innovative - written for linear (low-G) tuning – easier to learn - expanding the melodic range
  • Also includes re-entrant (high G) notation
  • Makes music FUN while developing music literacy
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Full description

FREE SHIPPING (lower 48)

A HYBRID teaching package for the Ukulele for Children preK-8 classroom curriculum & songbook Book A.  Includes:
  • Digital school license for UFC: Book A
  • Embedded backing tracks
  • 12 printed booklets containing all of the songs from Book A
  • The fully loaded package allows the classroom teacher to project the songs, seamlessly use the audio tracks within the PDF download, and also facilitate individual or small group practice time during class with the printed booklets.

Additional Support Items

  • Teacher’s guide with warm-up ukulele exercises, some classroom tested strategies to teach the UFC songs, and even assessment suggestions.
  • Class Pack purchasers also gain access to the UFC Teacher group. This group meets twice a year online (using Zoom) to learn tips and teaching ideas from author Christina O’Brien.
  • Access to an exclusive page where pop song resources using the UFC notes and chords are shared by Christina.

Please note that the Class Pack purchase is for use by one school or studio. The school license does not permit printing and photocopying of the audio embedded E-BOOKS or sharing of the digital files. 



Ukulele for Children preK-8 classroom curriculum book...YES we said prek-8!  Skillfully written to introduce ukulele at elementary levels and beyond using multi-sensory learning methods.  1401-1, 1401-2, 1401-3, 1401-4, 1401-5, 1401-6, 1401-7

Innovative - what makes the Ukulele for Children method so special?  

Ukulele for Children books are written for linear (low-G) tuning but also includes re-entrant (high G notation.  Linear tuning expands the melodic range, enables the pitch to move from low to high just like other instruments that kids are already familiar with, introduces note positions on the treble staff that correspond with their physical placement on the instrument in a logical order that makes sense right away and allows for more duet parts.  Switching out your 4th string to low-G is highly recommended.


Written by Christina O’Brien with the help of James Hill with these goals in mind:
- develop music literacy in young children
- foster creativity while introducing music theory concepts
- make music FUN

Ukulele/UFC Bundles available  


58 full color pages with songs, theory, and illustrations.  Wire coil binding makes it easy for little hands to place the book flat on a music stand or table. 

The print version is extremely hands on, with prompts for students to identify and circle key concepts in the songs, as well as theory questions with fill in the blank answers. 

Students will take ownership of their book and their learning as they advance through the pages.  For teachers and students wishing to spend more time on a particular concept, there are additional resources that can be printed from the accompanying website as well. Companion audio tracks are also available for purchase.


Previously, I had used other books to aid in teaching 5 and 6 year old students, but felt they were lacking... Ukulele for Children is a book that covers the bases pedagogically - it explains concepts in a way that's age appropriate that children can easily understand. Children aren't just learning ukulele - they're learning music! The graphics are nicely laid out and the illustrations engaging. The early reception of this book from my students has been great - they really love the characters!

I wholly endorse this book for teaching early learners of not just the ukulele, but music!

Studio Teacher - Manitoba

I'm a music therapist also teaching ukulele to young learners. I'm thrilled at the ways Christina has infused multisensory learning methods to help kids learn the ukulele and treble clef notation. I've only used one lesson so far (just received the product) but it is perfect for my 8 year old student.

Studio Teacher and Music Therapist - New Jersey

I am enjoying the Ukulele books very much. They are interactive and hands down one of the best introductions to music that I have seen in 35 years of teaching music.

Studio Teacher – Alberta












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