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Class Pack for Uke for Children FREE SHIPPING - Book A

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  • A HYBRID teaching package for the popular and effective Ukulele for Children Book A
  • Everything you need to easily expand your classroom ukulele instructions
  • Includes: digital school license for UFC: Book A, 12 printed booklets, backing tracks and teacher’s guide
  • Material and invitation to UFC Teacher Group
  • Fosters creativity while introducing music theory concepts
  • Notation for both standard tuning and low fourth sting (linear) tuning
  • Complimentary on-line resources including audio tracks
  • 12 Student Class Pack & Octopus Ukuleles available
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Full description

A HYBRID teaching package for the effective and popular Ukulele for Children Book A.


Everything you need to easily expand your classroom ukulele instructions.  Includes a digital school license for UFC: Book A complete with embedded backing tracks, twelve printed booklets containing all of the songs from Book A.  This fully loaded package allows the teacher to project the songs, seamlessly use the audio tracks within the PDF download, and also facilitate individual or small group practice time with the printed booklets.  Additionally, you receive a teacher’s guide with warm-up ukulele exercises, some classroom tested strategies to teach the UFC songs, assessment suggestions and tons of tips to get you started.

  A digital code and instruction will be provided in your class pack allowing to register your school license to get started. 


About Ukulele for Children Book A

Written by Christina O’Brien with the help of James Hill with these goals in mind:
- develop music literacy in young children
- fosters creativity while introducing music theory concepts
- make music FUN!



Ideal for young music students.  Your digital license will include the colorful creative guide which will inspire your students (PreK-8) to understand music and enjoy music making.  Includes 58 full color pages filled with songs, theory, and attractive illustrations.  Extremely hands-on, with prompts to identify key concepts in the songs, as well as theory questions.  There are 26 songs along with stories that are woven into the songs as the loveable characters are introduced.           


Alternative tuning expanding the melodic range

The songs are written with both standard ukulele tuning and a tuning that uses a low fourth string (linear) tuning. This alternative tuning expands the melodic range, allowing for more duet parts and introducing note positions on the treble staff that correspond with their physical placement on the instrument in a logical order that makes sense right away.  Pitch moves from low to high just like other instruments that kids are already familiar with.                         

Additional Material

For teachers and students wishing to spend more time on a particular concept, there are additional complementary resources that can be printed from the accompanying website.  These include music tracks that children can sing, clap, or dance with as they become familiar with the songs, additional theory sheets, composition pages and more, supporting the song or concept you are working on.  

Teachers who purchase a class pack are also invited to join the UFC Teacher Group which meets 2 times a year with Christina on Zoom to learn teaching strategies and share new arrangements.


About the Method

The focus of Book A is the open strings, notes and chords that can be played on the second fret, along with simple rhythm patterns.  From the beginning you will notice the child-centered approach; through the fun characters, short songs, repetition of concepts, hands-on activities, catchy accompaniment tracks, and attractive hand-drawn illustrations.  The scope and sequence of this book follows a pace that will provide exciting challenges but not discourage the young student. 

The integration of each new concept while reinforcing already learned notes and skills allows teachers to build and differentiate their lessons to meet the needs of individual students or group settings.  The introduction of simple chord shapes and strumming allows teachers to add the extra challenge of singing and strumming once the student has mastered the melody picking.  This also fosters an environment for duet or ensemble playing and teaches the student to listen as they play.


Previously, I had used other books to aid in teaching 5 and 6 year old students, but felt they were lacking... Ukulele for Children is a book that covers the bases pedagogically - it explains concepts in a way that's age appropriate that children can easily understand. Children aren't just learning ukulele - they're learning music! The graphics are nicely laid out and the illustrations engaging. The early reception of this book from my students has been great - they really love the characters!

I wholly endorse this book for teaching early learners of not just the ukulele, but music!

Studio Teacher - Manitoba

I'm a music therapist also teaching ukulele to young learners. I'm thrilled at the ways Christina has infused multisensory learning methods to help kids learn the ukulele and treble clef notation. I've only used one lesson so far (just received the product) but it is perfect for my 8 year old student.

Studio Teacher and Music Therapist - New Jersey

I am enjoying the Ukulele books very much. They are interactive and hands down one of the best introductions to music that I have seen in 35 years of teaching music.

Studio Teacher – Alberta









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