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Your 4th Jumbie Jam is FREE!

Plus....FREE Shipping (lower 48) & FREE Teacher Guide

An economical 17 instrument "One-Stop-Shop" bundle supplementing your classroom. 

Bundle includes:

6 Octopus Academy Soprano Ukuleles (choice of color)
4 Jumbie Jam Steelpan (choice of color and stand kit) - YOUR 4TH JJ IS FREE!
6 Pre-tuned SLAP Djembes (three 8", two 10", and one 12")

1) Octopus Band Maiden Voyage - transform your classroom with music from around the world, arranged for Ukulele, Djembe and Jumbie Jam 

We play nice together! Our mixed instrument bundles will have your class jamming with us in no time. Introduce small ensemble techniques quickly and easily with the Jumbie Jam Steelpan, Octopus Ukulele, and Slap Djembe all in one convenient bundle. All three of these instruments are recognized as top educational brands worldwide and they are now together in one place for the very first time!

All preK-8 teachers already know the benefits of music in the classroom, and ensemble playing adds to these by teaching students to keep time together, to combine and balance sounds and rhythms, and to pay close attention to detail as they learn to perform with each other. All bundles include the Octopus Band Teacher’s Resource Guide, with a variety of tunes from different countries arranged specifically for these three instruments to get you started.

Transform your classroom with music from around the world, using instruments that have already proven their worth in the educational arena. Octopus Ukuleles and Slap Percussion are leading educational brands in the UK, across Europe, Africa, Asia, and the Middle East. The Octopus Academy range is a high-quality but affordable ukulele that is easy to learn, keeps its tuning, and is a joy to play and to learn on. The Octopus Ukulele Academy on YouTube, hosted by ukulele virtuoso Andy Eastwood, is a completely free resource for anyone learning the ukulele to access.

Slap Percussion produces pre-tuned djembes that are both hard-wearing and lightweight, great for classroom use. The innovative design printed directly on the drumheads shows where the hand should strike the drum in order to obtain a variety of sounds, making learning even easier. Andy Gleadhill’s Slap Djembe playing guide introduces rhythms from around the world and makes a great addition to any classroom using these instruments.

The Jumbie Jam is a small steelpan that has won numerous educational awards, including Best Tools for Schools, and is a favorite in classrooms around the world. Both teachers and parents love this instrument, which enhances all areas of child development, improving concentration, motor skills, rhythm, and creativity. The notes are marked directly on the Pan to make learning easier, and we offer many song books marked with matching letters as well as books in standard musical notation to help transition students to reading music.

All three instruments integrate readily into existing classrooms either on their own or in an ensemble. As well as “playing nice together,” they also play nice with instruments such as Orff, recorder, and more!


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