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Pan Hangers - 1 pair Pack (2 hangers)



1 pair Pack (2 hangers)
2 Pair Pack (4 hangers)
4 Pair Pack (8 hangers)
12 Pair Pack (24 hangers)
24 Pair Super Pack (48 hangers)
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Full description

Safest way to suspend your pans!

For all voices - Lead, Double Seconds/Tenor, Cello & Bass (recommend doubling hangers for Bass)

Our sturdy monofilament nylon with durable metal connectors are easy to install and strong enough to suspend any size pan providing a professional appearance. 

Easy install by simply passing the nylon through the hole(s) in your pan, then squeeze the connector(s) with a pair of pliers.  Clip off extra nylon for clean look.  

Includes: 24 Nylon Hangers & 24 Connectors 


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