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C-Lead Chrome Pan Ready-to-Play Package

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Full description

High-Quality Pan Package at an Affordable Price!   

IMPORTANT ORDER INFORMATION: Due to the high demand of our handcrafted Pans, there could be a delay in fulfillment of up to six months.

You can place your order now to get on the list. We will contact you within three business days to provide you a fulfilment schedule. If you have any questions before ordering, you can contact us by emailing info@panyard.com or call 330-745-3155.

Our popular Hammer Series - Full Size Steel Pans provide a high-quality instrument at an affordable price for school budgets and the general player.  Panyard’s 30+ years of Pan building experience and innovations guarantee a high quality pan, properly tuned at an affordable price.

The note layouts are very similar to Panyard’s World Class Solid Hoop Pan layouts, which take advantage of our advanced understanding of the physics and geometry of Pan providing the optimum play-ability and timbral consistency.  

This pan is made to our specifications, on our special steel. Made in Akron, Ohio facility where our professional staff of tuners tune them using our state-of-the-art technology producing the BEST PANS in this price range.

This is a standard 4ths & 5ths layout Lead Pan from Middle C

Ready-to-Play-Package includes:

    • Hammer Series C Lead Pan - Chrome
    • Powder Coated Lead Z-Stand (prod# 2081).  Stand is Height Adjustable & Collapsible 
    • Lead Mallets - Classic Aluminum (prod# 4057)
    • Pan Diameter - 23 inches
    • Pan Depth - 8.5 inches
    • Please contact our Pan expert Ron Kerns for additional questions
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