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Jumbie Jam Trinidad's Musical Journey - Comprehensive Teacher's Guide

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Full description

Take your students on a Musical Journey to Trinidad & Tobago! 

This comprehensive classroom curriculum workbook introduces the World of Steel Drums and Percussion Instruments. Assists music educators to incorporate the Jumbie Jam into their educational programs via songs and activities.  Also provides guidance for integrating the Jumbie Jam with Voice, Recorder, Orff instruments and auxiliary percussion such as: Conga Drums, Triangle, Guiro, Cowbell, Claves, Maracas, Tambourine, Brake Drum, and T’ing. 

 Includes classroom activities such as constructing instruments from everyday items found in the surrounding area i.e., home, school cafeteria, etc.  Supports cross-curricular studies with history of the Steel Drum as well as the culture of Trinidad, where the instru­ment was invented.  Guidance for proper playing techniques and Steel Drum care is also included.  Fantastic for K-8 General Music Classrooms, Music Academies, Community Arts & Music Programs, Private & Group Lessons.  Difficulty: Low 

 Free Downloadable audio files include two tracks per song (with Steel Drum & without Steel Drum) making it simple to play the full version of every song even if you do not have access to all instruments in the arrangement.  Songs include: Coconut Calypso, Stars Over Tobago, Panorama Time and more.  Can also be used for performances.

Arranged by Kimberly M. Roberts, a South Carolina based International Artist-in-residence with extensive teaching and performance experience.  Kimberly is also the author of the children’s book “Jammin' Geography-Caribbean Cruise” and has served as artist-in-residence for a number of poetry-based programs.  

  • Take your students on a Musical Journey to Trinidad & Tobago! 
  • Classroom Curriculum Workbook introducing Steel Drums and Percussion Instruments. 
  • Provides guidance incorporating the Jumbie Jam with various other classroom instruments such as Orff and percussive instruments. 
  • Fun for K-8 Students! 
  • Cross-curricular studies with history of the Steel Drum as well as Culture of Trinidad & Tobago.

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