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Bongo Drums

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Full description

Introducing the NEW Percussion Plus Slap Drumming for younger players - Bongo Drums

The new Slap Drumming range from Percussion Plus is the perfect way to introduce rhythm and time into your music classes and sessions. Whether it's for a large primary school class, sessions at a local music centre or music therapy for any age, the Slap Drumming range gives you the tools you need for smooth running lessons at any ability level.

The Percussion Plus Slap Drumming Bongo Drums feature varying sized heads - a 6" for lower and 5" for higher tones to vary your sound. These bongo drums project a full, singing tone and are lots of fun for any one aged 5+. All materials and hardware have been produced to the highest standard - designed to withstand the trials of regular classroom use, whilst still producing a strong and lively sound.

Let's play together

With these bongo drums from Percussion Plus, you get a great looking high-quality instrument with an innovative 'how to play' guide printed on the drum skin. There are many different techniques used to produce tones on bongos and any of these can be used on our bongos. The printed graphic on the head of the drum offers suggested hand positions for the three main tones on a bongos: slap, tone, and bass.

With this easy method, teaching and learning is simple and allows you to tailor your class to include visual as well as instructive and aural learners, providing an inclusive way into music making for all levels and abilities.

Fun look, vibrant sound

The colourful pattern wrapped around the drum gives a fun and exciting look, inviting young classes to learn and play. It has a lightweight body so is easily stored and transported.

Although it is lightweight, the build quality is reassuringly sturdy and the sound is just as vibrant and powerful as its colourful patterned exterior!

“With drumheads of 5 & 6 inches these bongos are ideal for smaller hands. Each drum has ”how to play” suggested hand positions printed on the head so it is easy for players to create a wide range of sounds from these bongos. The fun colourful and flamboyant design is as attractive and stimulating as the sounds the drums produce. Its lightweight yet solid construction makes it perfect for use in inclusive music making environments.”

Andy Gleadhill - Percussion Plus Global Ambassador

How to play

The design on the drum head shows examples of hand positions that can be employed to obtain a fabulous variety of tones from the drum, from punchy bass to cracking highs. When you hit the skin, let your hand bounce back allowing the sound to ring.

The Bass

This area in the centre of the drum produces a warm and full tone. Use your hands to strike the centre of the drum for a solid rhythmic backing, allowing accents to be created using the tone and slap positions.

The Tone

Straighten all your fingers at the same time. There are numerous hand positions that can be used to create the tone. Think of your hand as a straight extension of your arm, and you should get a solid ‘thud’ sound.

The Slap

This stroke can be played in the same position as the tone, the difference is that one relaxes the hand and arm to hit the drum with a slap-like motion. Spreading your fingers out slightly when they strike the bongos helps create a crisp clear sound.

You can use all of these techniques in combination between the two sized drums for varying effect and more advanced players will enjoy learning more complex patterns, all of which are made easy to follow with the Slap Drumming 'How to Play' screen printed drum skin.


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