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Double Seconds Mallet Tip Replacements Pair - Soft



Hard - 5 pair pack
General - 5 pair pack
Soft - 3 pair pack
3 pair sample pack (hard/med/soft)
20+ in stock
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Full description

Double Second General Tip – Great for strumming.  All Purpose - pure tone across entire register.


$ave with our Tip Bundles 

Panyard replacement tips provide the absolute best sound quality from your Pan!  Panyard's 25+ years of research & development have created the “Best Feel” & “Responsiveness”

Precision Cut - Panyard’s state-of-the-art Steel Pan production facility is well equipped to manufacture all Pans and Pan related accessories at the highest quality levels in the art-form.  Each Tip is exact thickness & texture for achieving optimum sound quality.

Tip Hardness Descriptions
Hard-      Crisp/Clean sound enhancing the upper register
General- All Purpose - Achieves pure tone across entire register
Soft-        Warm/Full Bodied sound in your low register

Tip Hardness Choices
Leads-           Hard / General / Soft
Doubles-       Hard / General / Soft
Cello-             Hard / General
Tenor Bass- General
Bass -            General


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