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The Ultimate Guide to Elevating Your Pan Performance

“The only thing that separates us from the animals is our ability to accessorize.” - Clairee Belcher from Steel Magnolias.

The same can be said about your Pan performance. When it comes to Pan, it's not just about the music you're playing, but about the entire experience you're creating. You're not merely a musician, you're an artist, a performer, a storyteller. Each element of your setup, from the pan to the stand it hangs on, shapes the audience's perception and respect for your craft.

Let's dive right into the essentials and how they can transform your gigs:

1. The Pan: The Star of the Show

Your pan is not just an instrument; it's a statement. A well-made, in-tune pan invites admiration and respect for the player, the instrument, and the artform. It’s the heart and soul of your performance, and its sound quality and appearance reflect your dedication to your craft, as well as making all the difference for your client and their guests’ overall experience.

2. The Case: The Pan's Armor

A pan is a delicate work of art, and its case is its armor. A protective case can make the difference between a successful gig and a disaster. It's a worthwhile investment to protect your pan from the perils of transportation.

3. The Stand: A Throne for Your Pan

A professional, height-adjustable stand is just as important as the pan itself. It not only sets the stage for your performance but also saves your back! Remember, a beautifully crafted pan on an amateurish stand is like a jewel in a cardboard box. Our specially designed Full Size Pan Z-Stand should be your go-to choice for a contemporary and professional appearance.

Always keep replacement pan hangers on hand in case one breaks during a performance, bringing the playing to an abrupt end and potentially causing damage to your instrument.

4. The Mallets: Your Magic Wands

Your pan mallets are the extensions of your hands and reflect your individual style, and with a variety of colors and styles available, they are the perfect way to express yourself. The right tip selection also enhances the sound quality of your pan. Panyard offers three types of tip hardness to meet your playing style.  Be sure to have backup mallets and replacement tips handy; you never know when you might need them. .

5. The Songbooks and Backing Tracks: Your Musical Library

A rich library of tunes and styles can keep your performances fresh and exciting and playing with backing tracks will enhance your audience’s enjoyment. Panyard offers a plethora of songbooks and play-along tracks to keep your repertoire diverse and engaging. And hey, who wouldn't love a full-band sound without the hassle of coordinating with a full band?

6. The Jumbie Jam: A Crowd-pleaser

The Jumbie Jam is not just a mini Pan; it's a bridge to your audience. Nothing warms a crowd's heart more than being part of the performance, which is easily achieved by including Jumbie Jams at your gig by setting up a few inviting audience members to come and play. It's also an excellent way to supplement your gigging income by selling them at your gigs. For more information on a Jumbie Jam demo and selling program, please contact us at 330-745-3155 or info@panyard.com.  

7. Hand Percussion and Ukuleles: Add Some Color to Your Tunes

Hand percussion like Djembes, Bongos, Shakers, Cowbells and stringed instruments like Ukuleles can add a unique flavor to your performance. They're also great for getting your audience involved and engaged with your gig. Did you know that Panyard carries top brands of both instruments? For more information on demos and our affiliate programs, please contact as at 330-745-3155 or at info@panyard.com.  

8. The Music Stand: Your Gig's Command Center

A music stand is more than just a place to put your sheet music; it's your command center. With a music stand, you never have to worry about "Yellow Bird" or "Margaritaville" flying away during a gig. Just make sure you've got some clothespins handy!

9. The Microphone: Your Voice Amplifier

Whether you're playing the pan, narrating its history, or engaging with your audience, a microphone is a must. The Tamboo Bamboo and Old Time Pan 'Round De Neck Pans are great stories to tell that can help share the rich Trinidadian culture with your audience.

10. Business Essentials: Your Marketing Arsenal

Don't forget your business cards, a card reader for payments, and a website to showcase your past performances, sell your merchandise, and provide contact information. Keep your website and social media sites up to date with your schedule. These business essentials can make you more accessible and professional to your clients. 

Additionally, tag Panyard with your information (#pan4life @panyardinc).   We are happy to support you!

It’s simple to add Jumbie Jams, Octopus Ukuleles, and SLAP Percussion to your merchandise offerings.

11. The Finishing Touches: Quench Your Thirst and Dress to Impress

Finally, don't forget to hydrate with bottled water (or your beverage of choice) and wear your most obnoxious flowered shirt, because what's a steelband gig without one?

In the end, each accessory you add, each piece of equipment you choose, is a symbol of your commitment to the art of Pan. So go ahead, accessorize your performance and become the Pan performer you were meant to be.

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